art is relationship

I was not created to work alone in the art studio day-in and day-out. My passion is to connect and build relationships through creative community, I host and co-host art programs in a number of health and social organizations around Atlanta, utilizing art to unify community and comfort those in difficult situations. Here are a few examples of what I believe to be the most important aspect of my work, my fellow human.


Winship Cancer Center

 As a leader/co-founder of the Arts in Health program at Winship Cancer Center, my team and I led over 50 patients to work together, painting canvases which formed a collaborative installation in the waiting room at Winship's Midtown campus in Atlanta, Ga. This project was co-led by Matthew Evans and Amber Guinn.

Art in the Park

As founder of Remerge Atlanta's art program, a weekly creative gathering at Central Park open to our homeless neighbors,I led this particular project in conjunction with a photo workshop by Kelly Blackmon. After teaching photography basics and having an exhibition, we took copies of our photos and pieced together a collaborative mosaic/collage depicting the eyes of a member of our beloved community. 

Creative Mornings collaboration

In May 2016, the audience of the monthly Creative Mornings gatherings was charged to bring bring along their old junk, paint it, and allow me to piece together a sculpture representing the "Broken" theme alongside speaker Ryan Gravel.

ColorATL, The Atlanta Coloring Book

In 2016 I founded ColorATL alongside Amber Guinn and Connor Dwyer. ColorATL is a publication involving 44 local artists who each created a page to form an local, fine art coloring book for adults. ColorATL's backbone is its 1-to-1 model. Every book we sell means we gift a book to someone enduring hardship at local health and social impact organizations.  To purchase a book now, click here.